Crave's "Five-Step Program"
1) Choose your yogurt flavour. 2) Fill up your cup. 3) Top it off.
4) Weigh it. 5) Savour.
It's that easy to create a treat that satisfies your every craving.
Did you know that our yogurt base is made from the highest level of active cultures and that we also have non-dairy sorbet? By using the best products, we know that your Crave experience will be memorable.
Top It Off
Our Crave Yogurt Experts ensure that each topping is ready to fulfill your every craving. From the freshest, locally-purchased fruits, to every imaginable indulgence, we have toppings to satisfy everyone.
Weigh In With Us
After creating your personalized treat, our Crave Yogurt Experts will help you through the "weigh and pay" process. (We'd also love to hear you weigh in with your opinion about Crave, so make sure to find us on Facebook!)
Designed with You in Mind
Every aspect of our stores is designed with the customer experience in mind. Even our machines are imported from Europe to ensure that we offer the best products and service possible.

Welcome to Crave Yogurt Bar

Crave Yogurt Bar lets you become a yogartist! Our premium yogurt bases are your canvas. Our fresh, fun and tasty toppings are your mediums. Under the guidance of our Crave Yogurt Experts, you can create a treat that's truly your own.


Crave takes special care ensuring that its sorbet and yogurt bases are of the highest quality so that you can create the best experience from the cup up. Toppings are carefully selected to ensure freshness. We take pride in knowing that our broad range of products appeal to everyone, including customers who are health-conscious or who have food allergies.

Visit us to learn about our nutritional information from a Crave Yogurt Expert

Crave Yogurt Bar Nutritional Information